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I am HIV and I’m free. 28 years that I have been HIV positive. Yes I’m putting my bizness out there. You see for to long I have been living in shame. Shame of what was part of me. Shame of what was in me. Shame for who I was. Shame for turning my back on the one person who never turned their back on me, God.
All those years I felt like there was steel in the bottom of my shoes. Making it difficult for me to walk forward. My steps burden. Trying to catch up to my dreams which were fading into black and white before they disappeared altogether. What is a person without dreams?


28 years ago he saw me.

“I guess I should have know
by the way he parked his car sideways
that it wouldn’t last.
You’re the kind of person, believing making love once,
love them then leave them fast”

(Prince, Little Red Corvette)

And he saw a person who walked with no self worth. Worth which was stolen by his cousin who was supposed to be babysitting him yet stole him away to to sexually abuse him. Self worth stolen by a mother who renamed  her child, “IwishIneverhadyoustupidmotherfucker Jr. He saw my worth as I walked with my head to the ground not feeling I had that worth to look people in the eyes. Unknown to me he would see me walking home from school and I was his target.He fed off the dim light that shined from me

He was a smooth operator.

He was so smooth he got me to get into his car. He was so smooth, that I followed him into an abandon store, down a dusty basement to a dirty mattress. He was so smooth that when it was painful, I took it for affection as it seemed no one else cared. He was so smooth I never knew what he name was.

He didn’t stay to watch me give birth to the gift he left me. Only instead of nine months I bared his gift for years.


24 years of finally reaching a place where I can say I no longer have any shame. Where I can name it and claim it. Of finally reaching my place of acceptance of what I had by walking through rivers of my own tears. Weaving my way through depressing clouds and finally seeing my refection in the pool of life and facing the demons I ran from.
I finally reached a place where I accepted God’s open arms, arms that were never closed but there waiting for me to accept. Where I finally heard his message-Don’t give up/Don’t give in.
I am HIV and I’m free.
I repeat I am HIV and I’m free.
To be free of the shame you have to name it to claim.
There are those who say they have HIV but HIV doesn’t have them. If you’re walking around denying what you have or you have an online profile and in your status you say you’re negative when you know you’re positive.
It has you.
I now dream in color.
I once again have learned to laugh. To love and most importantly, to live!
To live!
I’m HIV and I’m free!
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About Aundaray

Aundaray is currently receiving his Masters in Public Relation and Communications at New York University. He has blogged for Huffington Post and various magazines. His interest is in discovering the effects of social media within business and cultures and the impact it has.
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2 Responses to 28

  1. I'm happy for you. I'm happy for all that you can shout that you have HIV and you are free. I'm glad. Unfortunately not everyone can do that.

  2. Dreamer says:

    It took me awhile to get to that place and hopefully someone can find their way to acceptance. Stigma of HIV will always exist but its power on an individual is lessened when we realize we didn't do anything wrong. In this one life do we spend it living in the judgement of others or live the life we want to live

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